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Oakley Sunglasses


It is always good to remember why Oakley glasses differ from other brands, especially with the new low cost that are breaking into the market ... let's not kid ourselves ... the quality of these brands is proven to be even harmful to our vision.

In 1975, a mad scientist named Jim Jannard began to question the limits of industry standards. He created a company with a simple idea: to make products that are more attractive and functional than anything else so far. For Oakley, who has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking, a commitment to innovation is a true obsession.

In this article today, we want to show you the technology that makes them the same and that cannot be copied, apart from the external appearance. that sets trends and can always be lowered in quality, to be cheaper.


- Oakley High Definition Optics® (HDO®) patented technology ensures a clearer, sharper and more precise vision.
- HDO® TECHNOLOGY virtually eliminates the usual distortion in wrap-around sunglasses thanks to highly precise engineering with taper corrections.


- Oakley lenses have passed tests in extreme circumstances to ensure a superior level of protection.
- The material of the lenses and the geometry of the frames guarantee protection against impacts with large objects at high speed.
- Oakley Plutonite filters 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm.

Gafas Oakley


Infusion-molded Oakley HD Polarized ™ lenses block 99% of reflections and provide superior optical quality than conventional lenses.
- Polarized lenses absorb flare caused by surfaces such as water or wet asphalt. In this way, they improve contrast, safety and comfort.

Lentes HD Polarizadas Gafas Oakley


- Oakley HDO's patented innovations combine with photochromic technology to create Oakley photochromic lenses.
- Photochromic lenses automatically adjust as UV exposure increases: they darken when sunlight is more intense.
- Lenses contain proprietary tints that darken, or activate, when exposed to ultraviolet rays from sunlight. When the sun loses intensity and the ultraviolet rays diminish, the lenses become clear again and recover their original color.

Lentes Fotocromaticas Gafas Oakley


- By adjusting the color transmission, Prizm lenses sharpen visual perception, improve color recognition and optimize the ability to keep track of moving objects.
- The engineering of Prizm lenses is specially designed to improve performance and vision regardless of environmental conditions.


1. Dramatically improve contrast and visibility in a wider range of light conditions.

2. They sharpen visual perception, allowing you to see everything more clearly and react faster.

3. Improve color recognition, helping you find what needs to be seen.

4. They optimize the ability to see and follow the moving objects that surround us.

5. They improve performance and safety, which helps you compete with greater self-confidence.

6. They improve vision both in bright light and in the shade.

Lentes Prizm Gafas Oakley


With Oakley's Switchlock ™ technology, adaptation is synonymous with victory. Its simple mechanism allows you to change lenses quickly and without complications. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, athletes take full advantage of Oakley's wide range of high-performance lenses to optimize their vision according to the environment.

Montura Gafas Oakley

Oakley LifStyle Sunglasses ... Street sunglasses.

- The Performance Lifestyle segment of Oakley Glasses combines fashion and functionality.

- The language of the Oakley Glasses frames adds to the advantages of comfort, protection and visual clarity, in glasses that are not just for sports activities.

- The models are inspired by athletes who see everyday glasses as an instrument to express their personality.

- The designs offer possible innovations thanks to Oakley Goggles' roots in sports performance.

- Frame and lens technologies combine the comfort of a perfect fit throughout the day with breakthroughs in optical performance.

- The Performance Lifestyle segment takes advantage of the best solutions in terms of functionality and shapes them with the style of Oakley Glasses.

Gafas Oakley LifeStyle

In short, Oakley Sunglasses, with all its technology based on its R + D + I (Research Development and Innovation), make this brand not only an aesthetic issue, but even a matter of efficiency for the vision of our eyes either at a sports or leisure level.

In our Oakley glasses section in Be V.I.P, you can find the model that best suits you with the use you need.

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